This experience has been so fulfilling and the course is highly recommended. I now have a much better understanding on what it entails to be mindful and to meditate, thus being able to convey to children, and others. It is easy, fun, enriching to mind and body, life enhancing and so fulfilling for my soul. Thank you! Thank you so much for being courage and brave for creating this wonderful course and opportunity to delve deeper into one’s one Self. It is truly exciting to have started this journey with you!   Marjolein – Cape Town.

Thank you so much for all the great info!!! Annemie – JHB

Thank you very much for the feedback. My brother was sceptical as meditation is an unknown and sometimes frowned upon by those who do not understand it but had I had to show him the training material and some information I downloaded for the parents. Your feedback and advice has been very helpful. I am very excited about starting this new phase of my life.  Badie-ah – JHB.

I can’t tell you how incredible it is to receive such detailed feedback – thank you so much for taking the time and putting the energy into it. It goes a long long way! Kim – JHB.

Tania not only has a wonderful personality but she is a fantastic yoga & meditation “teacher”. She is always studying further in her field & keeping ahead of new developments & techniques in the industry. Lisa Newby-Fraser – Melkbos, WC.

Thanks for your kind words Tania. I really enjoyed your course and I am soooo very glad I got to meet you before you headed to London. Anja – Cape Town.

The workshop was fantastic – really informative, yet fun & interactive. I learnt a lot about incorporating mindfulness & meditation into daily, family life. Tania is an excellent teacher and I think that everybody should incorporate one of her workshops into their schedule. You will learn a lot and if at any stage you want to reference anything discussed in the workshop you can simply reference the detailed manual. A great, well-run workshop that I would recommend to anybody.
Lisa – Cape Town.

Thank you. I have loved this course.  I am sad for it to end.  Your input and advice is invaluable. Susan – Cape Town.

I must tell you how your programme has helped me heal. I have a condition which causes major depressive and anxiety disorder. I was always too weak and anxious to even contemplate meditation and then I came across your programme.  I have integrated a simple meditation practice into our family life which has helped me a great deal. Thank you. Karen – JHB.


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