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The mentored Chilled Out Child mindfulness facilitator training programme is designed to help you develop your own meditation practice and guide  you how to share  meditation and mindfulness techniques with children and teenagers either in your own home, community settings or in within a school environment.

The course also integrates the use of scientifically proven energy healing practices like emotional freedom tapping  into the training, to provide you a practical toolkit for helping children and teenagers manage anxiety and deal with stress.

Watch a short video highlighting some of the topics we discuss during the training.

Read a short e-book about transforming family life with mindfulness.


Who is the training suitable for?

  • Mums, dads, carers, social workers, counsellors, holistic therapists and anyone who wishes to help children manage stress and anxiety.
  • Anyone who wishes to develop their own meditation and mindfulness practice and include meditation, relaxation and mindfulness techniques within daily home life and/or offer mindfulness classes for children at private yoga studios, schools and other community settings.
  • School teachers who aim to use child friendly meditation and mindfulness techniques in their classroom and raise awareness about the importance of looking after our mental health.
  • Anyone who is already working with children in a professional capacity and who would like to introduce mindfulness to what they are already offering.

The training consists of the following components:

  • The foundations of meditation and mindfulness practice for family life (4 modules) and the art of bringing meditation and mindfulness to the wider community (8 modules).
  • You will receive the art of teaching meditation and mindfulness to the wider community training manual which is filled with over 80 pages of inspiring and useful information, a short e-book, mentoring via email and webinar training sessions.
  • You will need to complete  homework assignments, participate in self reflection and complete a final teaching project to receive your certificate.

Level 1: The foundations of meditation and mindfulness practice for family life.
(4 modules)
If you are keen to include meditation and mindful living into your life and the lives of family members around you, the foundations of meditation and mindfulness practice for family life is an excellent introduction and a good starting point.

These comprehensive modules cover topics such as:

  • Stress and anxiety and how they affect us physically, mentally and energetically.
  • Meditation and what it is.
  • The types of meditation and how to find a style of meditation that suits you, so that you feel inspired to develop your own meditation practice.
  • Introduction to guided imagery.
  • Introduction to mindfulness and enjoying mindfulness as a family (Including mindful movement as per the 10 mindful movements by Thich Nhat Hanh.
  • Creating a home practice for the whole family.

Each module consists of notes for you to print out and keep, an inspiring email with further research and links to useful information to support your learning journey.

Level 2: The art of bringing meditation and mindfulness to the wider community.
(8 modules)

These modules are an inspiring programme of comprehensive meditation and mindfulness mentoring and are suitable for anyone currently working with children and or families who wish to include meditation and mindfulness as part of what they offer in their current role or set up classes in the community.

You will receive a manual as well as a weekly email containing links to articles and training videos.  Email support is available as you need it.

We will cover topics such as:

  • A deeper look at developing your own meditation practice including the history and philosophy of meditation.
  • A deeper look at guided imagery and how to write your own meditation scripts.
  • A deeper look at the science of mindfulness.
  • Introduction to yoga and postures that are safe and easily shared in a classroom environment using chairs and tables as props.
  • Exploring individual learning styles and how they may influence your teaching style.
  • Structuring meditation classes to be taught at schools and other community settings.
  • Teaching different age groups and family groups.
  • Compassionate communication
  • For the love of art, colour therapy and exploring the significance of incorporating art in to your classes.
  • Deeper look at the benefits of mindful movement and yoga to help with anxiety.
  • Introducing life skills, the art of positive thinking, affirmations and teaching gratitude.
  • More fun! Storytelling and journaling as a form of self-expression.
  • Taking a look at energy – introduction to emotional freedom tapping (Energy EFT).
  • Introducing meditation and mindfulness to the special child (ADHD and autism)
  • Meditation and mindfulness for schools and how to approach them with.
  • Introduction to the Business of Meditation.

If you would like to speak to me about this training programme, please follow this link to book a suitable time in my diary. 

If I wish to teach in the community how long will I have to complete the final teaching project?

On completion of all twelve modules,  you will have six months to complete any homework and the final teaching project which includes preparing a class to teach either at home, at school or in the community.  You can however complete your final project sooner once you have completed the twelve modules, but not before.

Support is offered with coaching calls via ZOOM, email correspondence and via the private Facebook page for current and past participants of the programme if you wish to join it.

This training has been described as “life changing”, “a precious gift” and “fulfilling and highly recommended”.  You are advised to have a dedicated approach to self-study, including time spent on committing to your own regular mindfulness practice.

It is always recommended that you keep a journal of your  meditation practice on which to reflect upon, as well as complete the module exercises, homework and eventually the final project,  all of which are designed to help you develop the knowledge, experience and confidence required to share mindfulness with children and teenagers at home and in the community.

This course includes twelve comprehensive modules with training printables, email mentoring, one to one coaching via webinar training sessions run by myself in the evenings (UK time) and weekends, plus a comprehensive training manual with over 80 pages of practical, fun and inspirational information an  e-book and the Chilled Out Child Meditation and Mindfulness facilitator certificate.

Follow this link to read testimonials from past students, some of whom have found the training positively life changing

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Payment for the course is facilitated via PayPal which is free for you. We pay the fees.  Once the deposit or full amount has been paid you will receive the welcome email and pre-course reading.

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