Parenting an anxious child.

It might be helpful to keep a journal of the times when your child has an outburst or expresses that they are feeling angry or anxious.  Also note down what they were doing before the outburst or what they were planning to do prior to their unhappiness. 

Clearing mental clutter.

Writing in a journal helps our conscious mind build stronger connections with our sub-conscious mind and emotions.  This helps us to sort through any mental clutter which may be upsetting our emotions and get in the way of our understanding and clarity.

Meditation and ADHD.

If you have already worked with children or have your own children/grandchildren then you will know that anything that encourages children to self-regulate their sometimes unsettled emotions is a very helpful skill,  especially so in a formal  classroom environment where one child’s unsettled emotions can set a few of the other children off as well.

Learning to focus.

In its simplest form a mandala is a geometric pattern that is said to represent the universe. The mandala represents a circle, the primal form of the universe and if you look carefully you can see mandala patterns everywhere.

Eating mindfully.

Dinner time. Friend or foe? Enjoyable or anxiety provoking? A mindful, enjoyable experience or a war zone? Let’s re-connect and bring some fun back to eating dinner as a family with a mindful eating game. The best time to introduce mindful eating could be at the dinner table. You could call this new game, “guess what I am eating” or maybe you can think of a more interesting title.

Mindful walking.

How often do you enjoy a country amble or a saunter along the beach? Have you ever tried walking mindfully and really noticing how you feel when you walk, or noticed the environment around you? The benefits of mindful walking are many. By bringing more calm, clarity and connection into daily life, you will enjoy heightened awareness of yourself and life around you, better concentration (good for school and work) and enjoy an overall feeling of calm and peace, which is often missing in our lives.

Reducing anxiety.

A direct route into the present moment is through our senses, which is why as parents we should look at different ways of bringing awareness to our senses whilst continuing with everyday life. Remember that when we are being mindful and are in the present moment, at that particular moment…feelings of anxiety are not at the forefront of our thoughts.

Is my child stressed?

It has been reported that more than 70% of children 10yrs and under have sleeping difficulties attributed to feeling stressed. That is a lot of children who are not getting enough good quality sleep.

Beating stress.

The Chilled Out Child life coaching programme offers busy parents the opportunity to learn essential meditation and mindfulness techniques which can be incorporated effortlessly into family life.

Meditation spaces at home.

In an ideal world it would be wonderful to have a spare room which you could de-clutter and convert into a meditation room. In a busy household where space is scarce, you might not be able to “lose an entire room” to the purpose of meditation, but you might be able to create a multi-purpose room which can be used by the whole family.