How do I create a meditation space at home?
In an ideal world it would be wonderful to have a spare room which you could de-clutter and convert into a meditation room.   In a busy household where space is scarce, you might not be able to “lose an entire room” to the purpose of meditation, but you might be able to create a multi-purpose room which can be used by the whole family. Read more.

Just breathe…
Stress and anxiety in children is on the increase. The act of breathing properly can create feelings of calm, relaxation, clear “headedness” and helps us manage pain. Read more.

Conquering exam stress
Exam stress can affect all children of all ages and will influence how they approach an exam situation.  Depending on their approach and their anxiety levels, these unsettled moments will more than likely impact their exam performance. Read more.

Having fun with mindful eating
One anxiety inducing element to a family dinner is encouraging children to try new foods.   I heard of a child once who refused to eat anything but marmite sandwiches… Read more.

Connecting to nature through mandala’s
The mandala represents a circle, the primal form of the universe and if you look carefully you can see mandala patterns everywhere.  Take a look in your garden, notice the patterns in the plants growing there.  Glance at the night sky, notice the moon (and the sun) are circular. Read more. 

How do I know if my child is stressed? 
It has been reported that more than 70% of children 10yrs and under have sleeping difficulties attributed to feeling stressed. That is a lot of children who are not getting enough good quality sleep. Read more.