Frazzled and overwhelmed?

Feeling a little frazzled at work, or worse, feeling completely overwhelmed? I believe stress in the workplace has reached epidemic proportions. Everyone I speak to is stressed and very anxious at work. And I mean everyone. I have yet to speak to someone who feels they are coping well whilst running on this speedy treadmill called life.

Is my child stressed?

It has been reported that more than 70% of children 10yrs and under have sleeping difficulties attributed to feeling stressed. That is a lot of children who are not getting enough good quality sleep.

Beating stress.

The Chilled Out Child life coaching programme offers busy parents the opportunity to learn essential meditation and mindfulness techniques which can be incorporated effortlessly into family life.

Meditation spaces at home.

In an ideal world it would be wonderful to have a spare room which you could de-clutter and convert into a meditation room. In a busy household where space is scarce, you might not be able to “lose an entire room” to the purpose of meditation, but you might be able to create a multi-purpose room which can be used by the whole family.

Roaring out your anger.

Next time you or your child feel like bellowing or roaring in frustration at life’s challenges, why not give the lion breath a go. Follow these simple steps and feel your anger melt away. Then enjoy a good laugh.

The mindful school.

It has been said that the average child today is more stressed and anxious than their peers who were treated for a variety of psychiatric issues in previous generations. Stress in schools is on the rise, but it is not only children who are stressed, teachers carry a tremendous amount of stress around with them…

What is meditation?

Meditative practices have existed for centuries and have evolved from Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism.  In the last couple of decades the number of people in the West who meditate has greatly increased due to the rise of stress and anxiety experienced in daily life. So what is meditation? In its simplest form, meditation is the act…

Just Breathe…

The breath is our life force and is one of the most important functions of the body, even very young children can be taught how to breath properly.