Transforming family life with mindfulness

**Available online in August 2018**

Family life can be fabulous one minute and nerve jangling the next!  As a parent you might find yourself going from calm to chaos in a matter of minutes, but deep down you know you need to be the one behaving like an adult and not throw one of those epic tantrums you see toddlers throw in the middle of busy supermarkets.

Parenting is not always easy and with modern technology seemingly recording our every move – don’t throw that tantrum in the supermarket unless you want to become an overnight sensation on social media – parenting can feel super stressful.  

There are simple ways to manage your stress which will start to influence and impact positively on the rest of your family.  In time (and not too long either) more understanding, compassion, tolerance and a good dose of  calm will reign once more in your home.

Read the introduction to transforming family life with mindfulness e-book here.

Dedicate just a few minutes a day to finding calm to maintain your sanity and learn how everyday moments can be turned into mindful moments for the whole family.

During this online course I will share with you some practical mindful moments for the whole family.  As the course will be facilitated via an online learning platform you can enjoy learning in the comfort of your own home and take as long as you like enjoying the modules.  All you need is an internet connection.

This course is fun and inspiring as you learn how to turn everyday moments into mindful moments for the whole family to enjoy. 

**Available online in August 2018**



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