Meditation teacher training

“This is not a race, but a lifetime of inspired learning”. 

“This is not a race, but a lifetime of inspired learning” – these are words I regularly echo to students on the Chilled Out Child programme.

I believe in a multi-faceted and heart centred approach to health and wellbeing both at home and at work.  I believe there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to taking care of your mental, emotional (energetic) and physical health.  We are all unique human beings and therefore what works for one person may not necessarily work for another.

I have enjoyed and embraced a 20 year long journey studying many disciplines of holistic healing and am truly passionate about the benefits of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, emotional freedom techniques (tapping) and meridian psychotherapy.

One of my most exciting achievements and a project I am proud of, is the writing and teaching of the Chilled Out Child programme, which has evolved year on year.  This  programme has received international accreditation by one of the worlds most exciting and inclusive yoga institutions.

Joining the Chilled Out Child programme is an opportunity for personal growth and you will be gently supported you in your journey towards learning how to share meditation and mindfulness with children and teenagers.  This programme will also introduce you to an understanding of the energy body and how a simple therapy can evolve and transform energy body stress resulting in children (and adults) that are less anxious and able to be fully present in the moment.   The Chilled Out Child programme is fully mentored and my motto  in life is that “life should not be lived as if you are competing in a race, but lived in a way that you notice when to slow down and take care of yourself, regardless of the fact that everyone around you might be running the race and trying to drag you along with them”.  In a nutshell, if you need longer to complete your studies, that is absolutely fine.   This is not a race, it is a lifetime of inspired learning. 

You might be wondering what inspired me to write this programme.  I am a qualified Transformation meditation teacher, mindfulness facilitator, EFT Master Practitioner and Yoga Alliance International accredited yoga teacher for children and adults and in 2013, became increasingly concerned about the level of anxiety I was noticing in children.  This coincided with my own child working her way through the school system.  I was approached by one of the mums whose daughter attended my children’s yoga classes who insisted I needed to share mindfulness with more people by training adults to teach children and teenagers.   There seemed to be a number of children’s yoga teacher training courses around, but after extensive research, I felt that there was one important element missing in most training courses – meditation.  I decided to write the Chilled Out Child programme which is aimed at adults who wish to develop their own meditation practice and learn how to share anxiety management techniques and mindfulness with children and teenagers.  The programme now includes a section on EFT (tapping), as more parents are highlighting the difficulties their children are having with stress, anxiety, phobias, nightmares and reactions to various real or perceived trauma.

Learning how to share meditation techniques and inspire a mindful way of being in children and teenagers is particularly important for parents and school teachers who are in contact with children daily. The Foundations of Meditation modules are an ideal starting point for family life.  If you wish to share these life skills with children and teenagers in the community, you will enjoy the Bringing Meditation to the Wider Community modules which focuses on all the practicalities of teaching.

The programme is delivered as a mentored distance learning programme with lots of support from me.  In 2018, I will once again be running an “in person” training option from beautiful therapy rooms in the heart of Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent and a truly unique yoga studio nestled in lovely gardens in South East London.

From the therapy rooms in Tunbridge Wells, I will also be offering Energy EFT and mindfulness coaching sessions for women, children and teens.

2018 is going to be a truly inspiring year. If you would like to know more about the Chilled Out Child programme or mindfulness coaching, please contact me here.

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Photographs from the Hastings Healthy Living Fair

On Sunday the 25th of September the Chilled Out Child (aka me) put up the meditation dome and set out the temporary labyrinth around one of the most beautiful trees in Alexandra Park, Hastings.  It is the kind of  tree you want to wrap your arms around. The sun was rising and there was the hint of a light shower in the air and a cool breeze, but as the day wore on the weather became glorious.  It was great meeting everyone there and at times the the Chilled Out Child space seemed really busy.   One of my students who will be setting up a family meditation class in the Hastings area was there with a group of enthusiastic children to teach her practical class before she completes some final pieces of homework and receives her certificate.  I am very much looking forward to being a part of this event in 2017, where I already have some creative workshop plans to think through.

Here are some photographs from the day.  Thank you to those individuals who were happy to have their photograph taken.

Contact me here to find out about developing your own meditation practice and learning how to facilitate mindfulness in children and teenagers.








Tania Ferreira is the founder of the Chilled Out Child.  The programme aims to help children and families deal with anxiety and stressful moments by connecting with the breath through yoga, meditation, mindfulness and the practice of EFT. Her mission is to bring the benefits of meditation, mindfulness and Emotional Freedom Techniques to anyone who wishes to have more calm, clarity and connection in their lives.

Tania is a Yoga Alliance accredited Hatha yoga teacher, guided imagery specialist, transformation meditation teacher, mindfulness facilitator and Energy EFT Master Practitioner.  She is currently working towards a Masters in Metaphysical Humanistic Science and Holistic Healing.