Anxiety management

Frazzled and overwhelmed?

Feeling a little frazzled at work, or worse, feeling completely overwhelmed?

I believe stress in the workplace has reached epidemic proportions. Everyone I speak to is stressed and very anxious at work. And I mean everyone.   I have yet to speak to someone who feels they are coping well whilst running on this speedy treadmill called life.

In a work context, workplace stress I feel, is largely due to the volumes of information we are having to cope with.   Volumes!   Volumes of work which are being created because in society there is a need to grab as much information as possible as fast as possible and quite literally we are being completely overloaded.   There is also a fear of disseminating information, as once an email has been sent, that’s it!  It’s gone and heaven help you if you have made any errors.  How many of you check, double check and triple check your emails for fear of making an error?   Just reflect for a moment on how anxious that might make you feel.  Some people thrive in an environment where they feel overburdened, as it gives them purpose, but for the vast majority of us, we just don’t want to drown in a sea of information.  Add to this, bad communication, constant interruptions, lack of leadership or direction, staff shortages contributing to ever increasing workloads and, those one or two people that just drive everyone else up the wall.  You can easily see why people feel drained and uninspired in the workplace, bringing that overwhelm home with them and in the worst cases, develop serious mental health issues.

In light of it being World Mental Health Day today, I decided to research the internet this afternoon on topics related to mediation in the workplace.   I came across a number of articles on the subject, but noticed regular mention of how meditation will make staff more productive.  There we go again… more work, more speed of delivery, more stress.  I wander how many companies would like to adopt meditation and mindfulness in the workplace to help reduce stress and anxiety and improve their workforce’s overall mental health and well-being as opposed to viewing meditation as another life skill to increase productivity.   Agreed, better focus and productivity are a by-product of meditation, but shouldn’t we look deeper than that to prevent overwhelmed individuals from completely burning out.

We all need time to clear our “head space”, we need time to think and cultivate our responses, we need calm, clarity and connection.  Where is the time to take a breath?

Unfortunately for some individuals, this state of “frazzle” spills over in to home life.  When some parents come home unable to cope anymore, they let their frustrations loose on other family members.  This is where I start to feel uneasy.  As a person who has experienced the onslaught of this type of negativity in my own home and for a long time had to keep calm, reassuring my child that it was OK, the person coming home and doing the shouting was just shouting at life, and not actually at us, it is not surprising that over time I have developed a passion for encouraging more mindfulness in the home.

Agreed, it must be tough if you have the kind of personality which needs to let off steam (regularly), but it is worth remembering that children will just see or hear the shouting.   They are often too scared to realise it is a parent’s bad day at work and their need to vent at anything or anyone that might be around to listen, that is the reason behind the shouting.

At the end of the day, that parent is shouting and sounding frightening.

It was through personal experience and dealing with a “shouter” that I reflected on the training course I was writing and realised that the modules I had been writing and teaching for Level 1, were ideal for family life if parents could take a little time out and develop the essence of mindful living within the home.  Level 1 is informative and full of practical tips to help families ease mindfulness into daily life with the minimum of fuss.

If you or someone in your family is feeling a little frazzled by life right now, you might want to consider taking some time out and sign up for some mindfulness coaching.

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