Beating stress.

Stressed, anxious?   Or just needing a bit of inspiration to bring some calm into your life and the lives of those around you?  You could help yourself and the children in your life to manage and counteract the effects of stress by learning correct breathing, relaxation, meditation and mindfulness techniques which are fun and easy to fit in and around your daily responsibilities.   After many requests, I have put together a coaching programme which will inspire you to develop your own meditation practice and enjoy a deeper connection with yourself and others.

Why should I participate in the Chilled Out Child life coaching programme?
As a parent, you may wish to learn how to “bring mindfulness and meditation home”.   The Chilled Out Child life coaching programme  offers busy parents the opportunity to learn essential meditation and mindfulness techniques which can be incorporated effortlessly into family life.

This introductory coaching programme is suitable for:
Parents who wish to develop their own mindfulness practice and share these techniques with their children.

  • Children with AD/HD, on the autistic spectrum or highly sensitive children.
  • Families where parents and/or children are experiencing anxiety.

A brief overview of what we will cover
You will be introduced to useful mindfulness techniques and the art of proper relaxation and breathing, an understanding of how stress affects the mind, body and emotions and explore the concept of mindful parenting and compassionate communication. The coaching will help you with your own personal meditation practice and teach you fun ways to introduce meditation and mindfulness to your children whilst incorporating these essential life skills into everyday family life.

We take special care to look at how meditation, simple yoga postures and mindfulness can help children with AD/HD, the highly sensitive child, children on the autistic spectrum and those suffering from anxiety.

The information is presented to you in an attractive easy to follow format which caters to different learning styles.  The coaching element of this programme offers a supportive learning experience which helps you to integrate the information and skills easily into family life.

Scientific research and experience clearly show that individuals benefit greatly from integrating meditation and relaxation practice into their daily lives.

  • Better stress management.
  • Improved focus and concentration at school and work.
  • Less sleep problems due to reduced physical and mental tension.
  • A reduction in anxiety specifically during exam time or stressful periods at work or home life.
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence in challenging situations.
  • Increased creativity and mindful self-expression.
  • Development of emotional, social and physical growth.
  • Increased compassion and improved connection with family, friends and colleagues.

The Chilled Out Child holistic life coaching programme has been designed for busy parents just like you, who wish to connect with their children in a calm but fun way, encouraging relaxation, reducing anxiety and enjoying better communication. 

The Chilled Out Child programme can be enjoyed by families with children as young as three years old.

Contact me here to find out about developing your own meditation practice and learning how to facilitate mindfulness in children and teenagers.