“My aim is to help adults, to help children, live in a more mindful way by coaching adults in the science of mindfulness, the art of relaxation and anxiety management and the development of positive psychology and dissolving of limiting beliefs with the use of emotional freedom tapping and meridian psychotherapy. 

Developing the skills required to enjoy more calm, clarity and connection with those around you will be one of the most useful, inspiring and life changing moments in your life.  By mastering these skills yourself you will easily be able to share them with children in your home and working life.

Years ago, I focused on teaching yoga and mindfulness to children at schools and yoga studios and eventually wrote and delivered the Chilled Out Child mindfulness facilitator training programme, to teach adults how to share mindfulness with their own children and others in the community.

I believe that for children to be happy and stress free, it helps if the adults in their life can also learn how to manage their stress and are able to be calm, show compassion and self-regulate emotions during moments of pressure.  This is why there is a strong emphasis in the course to helping adults develop their own meditation practice. Children learn by example and therefore if their parents are happy, resilient and positive influencers, modelling calm, compassionate and patient behaviours, the whole family is more likely to  become one of mindful collaboration.

The Chilled Out Child mindfulness facilitator programme

This training programme focuses on introducing meditation and mindfulness to adults and then on adapted mindfulness and meditation techniques, to enable adults to easily share these skills with children.

Watch a short video highlighting some of the topics we cover on the programme.

The Chilled Out Child meditation and mindfulness facilitator training programme, has evolved year on year.  This  programme has been acknowledged as offering a high standard of course materials, tuition and mentoring and received a 100 hour accreditation from Yoga Alliance International.

The Chilled Out Child mindfulness facilitator training programme is a comprehensive twelve module mentored distance learning programmme which is ideal for individuals who may wish to set up a mindfulness programme within their existing professional workplace setting,  for example nursery, primary and secondary schools or set up independent classes in the community.

The programme is aimed at adults who wish to develop their own meditation practice and learn how to share anxiety management techniques, meditation and the art of being mindful in daily life with children and teens.

To read testimonials from past participants of the programme please follow this link.

The Chilled Out Child Mindfulness Facilitator training includes webinars as well as email mentoring with downloadable printables,  a training manual with over 80 pages of practical yet inspiring information and an introductory e-book titled Transforming Family Life with Mindfulness.

If you would like to speak to me about this training programme, please follow this link to reserve a suitable time in my diary. Once you have reserved a date and time in my diary I will email you a link to our meeting space.

**Transforming family life with mindfulness.**

Introductory e-book and course available in July/August 2018.
Family workbook published and available in November 2018.

Would you like to learn how manage your stress, reduce anxiety and learn how mindfulness can help you do this?

The transforming family life with mindfulness course, is inspired by my use of mindfulness with my own family.  I will show you how mindfulness themes can be easily adapted to integrate effortlessly with modern family living.

This online course will offer participants easily transferable skills that work at home with their families. The course will be affordable and offer practical training which will relate easily to everyday life for participants, their families and others around them.

Transforming family life with mindfulness will be published as a practical workbook in 2018 containing many mindfulness exercises which can be adapted to family life and children of all ages.   In the meantime if you would like a taste of what’s to come, then you can read the introductory e-book here.

Joining this course is an opportunity for personal growth and the beginning of an exciting lifelong journey discovering the benefits of mindfulness for yourselves and those you care about.  Read more here.


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I compared a few courses before deciding for the Chilled Out Child programme – and I highly recommend it! First I was in doubt if 12 weeks are enough to prepare me, but the content, the homework assignments and the group calls together gave me so much confidence and reassured me that this is the right path to go.

Tania is a wonderful teacher, she shares her insight and supports where needed. The teacher network group is a source of further inspiration.

I already gave workshops and classes right after certification and got a taste of that sweet feeling when children and parents appreciate what you do. My life changed a lot since I do meditation daily and I am very happy how it all goes. Thank you Tania!

Nora Merkel – Peaceful Pebbles, Netherlands.

This training program is excellent! After having completed the course, I feel confident and properly prepared to teach Mindfulness to children. I think it helped that I had done a course about what Mindfulness is prior to this so that in this course, I could focus on the teaching aspect.

The material provided has been well researched. Tania also includes personal recommendations of what has worked for her and what hasn’t. I found this invaluable! So the course is not just a whole lot of theory – it is real life examples of what you can use when you start teaching.

It is a very practical course. I especially appreciated the section about starting one’s own business and the tips to get started.

I think this course is a fantastic one to do if you are serious about wanting to teach Mindfulness to children. Tania gives a lot of support and encouragement.

I highly recommend this course.

Bianca Brown – Mindful Minis, South Africa