The Programme

Welcome to the Chilled Out Child website.

This is a comprehensive twelve module programme teaching meditation and mindful living to adults who wish to share meditation and lifeskills with children and teenagers to help facilitate better overall mindfulness and anxiety management in every day life.   The Chilled Out Child programme has been accredited by Meditation Alliance International.

This programme is fun, informative and for some feels life changing.  It requires a dedicated approach to self-study including time spent on committing to your own regular meditation practice, but you are supported and mentored along your journey.

Who is the training suitable for?

  • Mums, dads, carers, foster families, social workers, counselors, holistic therapists and anyone who wishes to help children and families manage stress and anxiety.
  • Anyone who wishes to develop their own meditation and mindfulness practice and include meditation, relaxation and mindfulness techniques in their life and run meditation and mindfulness classes for children and families at private yoga studios, schools and other community settings.
  • School teachers who aim to use child friendly meditation and mindfulness techniques in their classroom.
  • Individuals currently working with children, teenagers and/or families who would like to promote the use of meditation and mindfulness as part of what they offer their clients already.

How is the programme structured? 

The programme consists of twelve modules which are divided into the following sections:

  • The foundations of meditation and mindfulness practice.
  • The art of bringing meditation and mindfulness to the wider community.

The foundations of meditation and mindfulness practice for family life.
You will spend the first four weeks of your training by learning how to include meditation and mindful living into your life and the lives of family members around you, the foundations of meditation and mindfulness practice for family life is an excellent introduction and a good starting point.

These comprehensive modules cover topics such as:

  • Stress and anxiety and how they affect us physically, mentally and energetically.
  • Meditation and what it is.
  • The types of meditation and how to find a style of meditation that suits you, so that you feel inspired to develop your own meditation practice.
  • Introduction to guided imagery.
  • Introduction to mindfulness and enjoying mindfulness as a family.
  • Creating a home practice for the whole family.

Each module consists of notes for you to print out and keep, an inspiring email with further research and links to useful information as well as support from me via Skype.

The art of bringing meditation and mindfulness to the community
This part of the programme consists of eight comprehensive modules over eight weeks, plus mentoring and online lectures via Skype.  We will cover topics such as:

  • A deeper look at developing your own meditation practice including the history and philosophy of meditation.
  • A deeper look at guided imagery and how to write your own meditation scripts.
  • A deeper look at the science of mindfulness.
  • Exploring individual learning styles and how they may influence your teaching style.
  • Structuring meditation classes to be taught at schools and other community settings.
  • Teaching different age groups and family groups.
  • Compassionate communication
  • For the love of art, colour therapy and exploring the significance of incorporating art in to your classes.
  • Introducing life skills, the art of positive thinking, affirmations and teaching gratitude.
  • More fun! Story telling and journaling as a form of self expression.
  • Teaching meditation and mindfulness to the special child.
  • Introduction to the basics of energy EFT and energy awareness.
  • Meditation and mindfulness in schools.

If you wish to start teaching your own classes raising awareness of the benefits of meditation and mindfulness in everyday life, you will need to complete the business of meditation and certification module which includes short homework assignments and the final assessment which includes practical teaching.   Some of our past students who have set up their own classes in the community.

If you complete all 12 programme modules including your final teaching project,  you will be able to apply for accreditation from Meditation Alliance International. Link to previous Chilled Out Child students who are MAI accredited.

This programme requires an enquiring mind, dedication, motivation and the discipline to embrace self-study and develop our own meditation practice. 

This programme is fun and mentored by myself.  We “catch-up” regularly online via ZOOM video meetings and you will not feel that you are just being left to fend for yourself.   You will however, need the dedication and desire to embrace your own meditation practice and log your meditation hours on which to journal and reflect upon. There are module exercises to inspire you and aide your learning and a final assessment which includes practical teaching if you wish to set up your own classes.

After completing  all components of the training  you will feel confident enough to share these wonderful life skills with children, teenagers and their families and should feel inspired and ready to setup your own meditation classes.

I am dedicated to seeing you benefit from your training and the time and effort you commit to bringing more calm, clarity and connection to your life and the life of others. To be sure this is the right training for you,  I arrange question and answer sessions using ZOOM so that we can meet each other even though it is a virtual meeting zone and discuss the programme.  These ZOOM meetings also give you the opportunity to ask lots of questions ensuring the programme will meet all your expectations and ensure that we can work together to achieve your goals.

The Chilled Out Child training programme start dates in 2017:
25th September – 17th December 2017 (Fully booked)
20 November – 4 March 2018 (3 week break over December).

Start dates in 2018:
Coming soon.

How do I pay for the training?
Payment is accepted via Paypal.  You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay with PaypalOn completion of a booking form, an invoice will be issued from Paypal which will outline payment details and deadlines.  Discounts are offered for full payment at time of booking.

If you would like to receive further information about the Chilled Out Child training programme, please fill out your name and email address below.


To read testimonials from past students follow this link.

Meditation Alliance International accreditation.
You will still be able to apply for a 100hr Meditation Alliance International accreditation by participating in the Chilled Out Child training programme, as long as you complete all the homework requirements, the final assignment and your meditation log.

How much will MAI accreditation cost and is it included in the Chilled Out Child programme fee?
Currently the fee for the 100hr  Meditation Alliance International accreditation is 200 Euros (2017).  Any fees payable to Meditation Alliance International are not included in the cost of the Chilled Out Child training programme and are therefore an extra financial consideration should you wish to pursue accreditation as an individual.

The Chilled Out Child does not handle your accredition application.  This will be dealt with by Shakti Yoga Centre and the Meditation Alliance International in India.  At the time of application, all contact details will be provided to you.  Link to MAI course accreditation page.

Please note that you will need to have completed all homework assignments and the final practical assessment to the required standard before you seek individual MAI accreditation.

Do I have to have MAI or YAI accreditation before I can teach children’s meditation classes?
You can teach the Chilled Out Child programme without MAI accreditation, but it is always nice to be able show commitment to professional standards.  The Chilled Out Child training programme provides in-depth professional meditation and mindful living training to individuals who wish to teach meditation and mindfulness to children and their families. If required I will write a reference outlining all the modules you have studied. Other professional accreditation through various organisations is at your own discretion.

Sample of the MAI certificate: 

100 Hour Sample

Link to previous Chilled Out Child students are MAI accredited. 

Meditation Alliance InternationalTania Ferreira - Yoga Alliance International accredited yoga teacher.Shakti Yoga Centre Member of the Federation of Small Business



This training program is excellent! After having completed the course, I feel confident and properly prepared to teach Mindfulness to children. I think it helped that I had done a course about what Mindfulness is prior to this so that in this course, I could focus on the teaching aspect.

The material provided has been well researched. Tania also includes personal recommendations of what has worked for her and what hasn’t. I found this invaluable! So the course is not just a whole lot of theory – it is real life examples of what you can use when you start teaching.

It is a very practical course. I especially appreciated the section about starting one’s own business and the tips to get started.

I think this course is a fantastic one to do if you are serious about wanting to teach Mindfulness to children. Tania gives a lot of support and encouragement.

I highly recommend this course.


The workshop was fantastic – really informative, yet fun & interactive. I learnt a lot about incorporating mindfulness & meditation into daily, family life. Tania is an excellent teacher and I think that everybody should incorporate one of her workshops into their schedule. You will learn a lot and if at any stage you want to reference anything discussed in the workshop you can simply reference the detailed manual. A great, well-run workshop that I would recommend to anybody.