I warmly welcome you to the Chilled Out Child website and hope that after spending some time here and reading some of the blog posts, you feel inspired to learn how cultivate a mindfulness practice and enjoy being mindful as part of everyday life.

I have enjoyed my journey studying many disciplines of holistic healing and am truly passionate about the benefits of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and emotional freedom techniques. Along with writing meditation and holistic healing training and personal interest courses, overseeing the Chilled Out Child mentored online facilitator training programme and the eight week mindfulness for family living course, I also work for the National Institute of Health Research. In this role I support amongst other specialties, the Mental Health National Specialty Group which also incorporates a group of clinical researchers who are child and young peoples mental health champions.  I am a Mind Body Champion for our host University and also enjoy my role as a wellbeing warrior for the Clinical Research Network, where my focus is supporting and encouraging wellbeing in the workplace.

One of my most exciting achievements in recent years has been the writing and teaching of the Chilled Out Child programme, which has evolved year on year.  This  programme has been acknowledged as offering a high standard of course materials, tuition and mentoring by one of the yoga alliances.

I started practicing yoga and meditation in 2001 and since then have qualified as a Transformation Meditation teacher, mindfulness facilitator, EFT Master Practitioner, Yoga Alliance International accredited yoga teacher and a children’s yoga teacher, whilst working full-time.

In 2013 I became increasingly concerned about the level of anxiety I was noticing in children.  This coincided with my own child working her way through the school system.  It was around this time I was approached by one of the mums whose daughter attended my children’s yoga classes.  She politely insisted I needed to share yoga and mindfulness with more people by training adults to teach these skills to their own and other children.

I took some time to reflect on what she was suggesting and believed that there was one important element missing in most children’s yoga training courses – meditation.  I decided to write a programme focusing on meditation and developing a more mindful way of being to fill this gap in training. I always included meditation in my children’s yoga classes, as I quickly learned that  meditation and mindfulness practices were the activities children of all ages seemed to crave. They needed and wanted quiet time. Time to rest their bodies and minds. Time to relax and just “be”.  It is also very important that adults who teach children these skills to children, practice them themselves.

I decided to write the programme for adults who wish to develop their own meditation practice and learn how to share anxiety management techniques and mindfulness with children and teens.

The Chilled Out Child teacher training programme is a comprehensive mentored course covering many aspects of meditation and how to share mindfulness with children and teenagers.

From 2018 the Chilled Out Child training programme has been revised:

As of January 2018, the Chilled Out Child training programme is available to all individuals who wish to learn how to share meditation to children and their families and who may potentially wish to set up a mindfulness programme within their existing professional workplace setting (nursery schools, primary and secondary schools or a clinical setting) AND/OR wish to set up regular family friendly mindfulness classes in the community.  The exciting change to this programme, is that with prior consultation and on an individual basis, the programme can be tailored to suit your particular working environment if that is what you require.

NEW IN 2018…

This programme can be tailored to focus on and benefit your particular working environment. This is particularly useful for school teachers or those working with children in clinical settings. 

If you would like the programme tailored to your specific working environment, this will be arranged on an individual basis with flexible start date to fit in with your working schedule.

In 2018 start dates for the facilitator training programme run with a group of up to six individuals will be offered in March, April, May and September.

The next group start date is the 5th of March. 

To read testimonials from past participants of the facilitator training programme please follow this link.

To find out more information and for start dates in 2018, please fill out this form:




If you would love to learn how manage your stress and live life mindfully, sharing these benefits with your family, an eight week mindfulness course adapted for modern day family living and inspired by traditional mindfulness training programmes, will be available from April 2018. 

I believe there is value in offering a simpler introduction to mindfulness to enable you to manage stress and live mindfully on a daily basis.  Many people indicate that they are looking for an informative course to introduce them to mindful concepts and how to integrate them into their lives, be that at home or work.

This course offers easily transferable skills that work at home with your families, which can be acquired through affordable, practical training which relates easily to everyday life for you, your families and others around you.

From 2018, the eight week mindfulness course will offer exactly that. An affordable, practical, fun and inspiring eight week adapted mindfulness course, which takes inspiration from traditional mindfulness programmes and provides you with skills that benefit you, your family and others around you without you having to embark upon an extensive training to become a meditation teacher.

An eight week introduction to mindfulness course for you and your family: 

The introduction to mindfulness course is inspired by traditional mindfulness programmes, but has been adapted for today’s modern family and consists of eight modules, covered over eight weeks.  It focuses on helping you develop your own mindful practice and looks at how you can adapt each of the mindfulness exercises for children so that incorporating mindfulness into family life is fun, effective and not boring for younger participants.

Joining this course is an opportunity for personal growth and the beginning of an exciting lifelong journey discovering the benefits of mindfulness for yourself and those you care about.

I look forward to spending this time with you and mentoring you on your journey to more calm, clarity and connection with those around you.

With flexible start dates, you will be able to start the eight week course at a time when it is easier to fit  in around your current commitments.

For further information about the eight week mindfulness for  family life course, please complete the form on the contact me page.



Studying The Chilled Out Child was life changing. It has enabled me to give invaluable tools not currently taught at schools to children.

It has taught me a lot about myself and how to deal with life in general.

A very easy to follow yet comprehensive course suitable for everyone. Tania offers gentle and encouraging support throughout although far away! Because of Tania’s course thousands of children and teens lives will be changed positively.

A precious gift. Thank you.

Sue Landsberg, iPlay Yoga, South Africa.

I have just completed the Chilled Out Child course and I can honestly say this course will change your life. Tania is such a fantastic role model for anyone wanting to teach Mindfulness to children. The programme is inspiring and is full of so much relevant and well researched information. It also leads you on your own journey to discover your niche. It can get quite obsessive and will take over your life but in a really positive way. It had led me to seek more training and I‘m booked to do my children’s yoga teacher training and my own Mindfulness course as a view to starting a masters in Mindfulness, hopefully, next year.

You get out of this programme what you put into it but the support is excellent and invaluable. I feel as though I have a mentor and a friend for life in Tania and I’m so glad our paths have crossed. Thank you for this opportunity to change my life and the lives of children, adults and families.

Pippa Yarworth-Cleeton, Press Pause Yoga and Mindfulness, UK.